Community Connection


Bring your kids and join us on our fun and educational Community Connection Adventures! Each local business or organization will put on a specialty demonstration with a bonus hands-on experience for the children. Community Connection Adventures bring our members upfront and personal with local business owners, managers and employees. Learn first hand how Yo-Yo’s work, or how you can transform clay into a beautiful flower pot. How are ice-cream, bread, donuts, milk & cheese made? What do people who work at a pet store do? How long does it take for a corn seed to grow into a stalk? How are designs put on T-shirts? How does a radio station, remote control toy or a television station work? From making your own organic lunch, to seeing how newspapers are put together and everything in between, Thirty Minute Nanny will add adventure to your life, while connecting you to the amazing businesses in our community partially through education, but mostly through interactive fun. Most events end with a gift for each participating child.